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Youth Design Durham - Workshop #1

Our workshop series kicked off in October at NorthStar Church of the Arts. Local artist and poet, CJ Suitt, started us off with movement and writing activities in which the students articulated the values that will be embodied in their project.

These values (listed below) remain pinned up in our workshop space to ensure they are realized in the design process.

freedom trust familiar people love important happiness achievement curiosity freedom to create encouragement to make mistakes and learn

support and respect within the place community inspiration people that look like me kindness trust in other people love the group

be able to talk about things that bring me joy without being judged

We spent the second half of the workshop sketching and articulating the spaces we want to be included in the Third Place. The students were asked to sketch a place that they feel comfortable, nurtured and joyful. They were then asked to write down activities that happen in this place and the qualities of the space. Many students chose private places, such as their rooms or within their own homes or the homes of relatives. The students were then asked to sketch a public place that they either had a positive or negative association with. They proceeded to write down the activities that happen in those places and the quality of the spaces.

We compiled the activities and qualities that the students articulated and this became the basis for the Third Place program.


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