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Builders Gateway with the Marian Cheek Jackson Center

Updated: Aug 17, 2023

June 8, 2023

We've been engaged by the Marian Cheek Jackson Center to facilitate the design of a Gateway to honor the Black builders of Chapel Hill and Carrboro. We're working with community members as well as descendants of prominent Black builders to design a structure that displays their legacy and tells their story.

Our design team will include local high school students who have shown an interest in architecture, design and/or art. We are excited that the students will not only learn more about the tools and process of design, but also get to participate in community-led design.

Learn more about the project and the history of Black builders in Orange County here:

A neighborhood elder points to his picture in the first Gateway, which honors the Freedom Fighters of Chapel Hill, NC. Photo credit, From the Rock Wall.


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