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We partner with local artists, architects, and designers to offer the following:


  A place to get messy.  

A studio space for creative expression.   

A place to explore the world's beauty and suffering alongside peers and mentors.    

A place to tap into creative potential and to imagine.    

A place to have fun.    

Outcome: Participants learn the tools and process of architecture, art, and design.


  A place for gathering.

A place to celebrate participants' work through art shows, architecture reviews, and performances.

A place for participants to interface with artists, architects, designers, and other creatives.   

Outcome: Participants' vision is projected to the broader community. 
Relationships are created between youth and professionals.


A place to get to work.

A place that begins with imagination and ends with something that the community can touch and experience.

A place where participants are presented with a call for public art or architecture, and are tasked with the responsibility to produce a solution.

Outcome: Participants have hands-on experience creating public art and architecture for organizations within their community. 

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We are always excited to meet new creatives and those involved in youth education and development programs. Please reach out to us for inquiries or collaboration!

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