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Youth Design Durham - Workshop #5

Chelsea Davis, local architect, started off the workshop leading students through a decoding of the site plan drawing. She then facilitated activities on site diagramming and program mapping. Students worked together in small groups alongside mentors Marina Mustakova, Sophiat Alaran, and Purvij Munshi. The groups organized spaces on the site plan and within the building footprint. They presented their ideas to the group and came up with a few spaces that they hadn’t considered previously.

After lunch the students were engaged in three activities aimed to spark their creativity and imagination - modeling, creating collages, and poetic narrative. These activities were based on the art game - Exquisite Corpse.

We ended the day discussing the art of converying our ideas to the public. We discussed telling our story through narraitive, visual images, and 3d models. The students organized components of the presentation based on the different modes of communicating.


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