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What is Architecture? @ Durham Main Library

Updated: Jul 10

April 27, 2024

We worked with NC NOMA to host a fun family event all about architecture at Durham Main Library. Local architects read children's books about architecture and design. Scrap Exchange facilitated a building workshop in the Library's Maker Lab. AIA's K-12 Outreach brought Scale Up and Blockitects, two different hands-on building activities.

The library event was, in part, celebrating an effort we started with NC NOMA back in December 2022, to purchase and donate a copy of the children's book, 'What Is Architecture?' by Atianna Cordova, for local elementary schools. With additional support from Activate NC and Diversify Architecture, we were able to purchase 160 books and distribute them to every public elementary school library in Durham, Orange, and Wake counties. 

It was great to partner with so many organizations and work with the great designers who volunteered their time for both the event and the book distribution. 


Event Organizers:

NCNOMA, Prism Design Lab, Durham County Library  


Diversify Architecture, The Scrap Exchange, AIA Triangle K12 Task Force 


Children's Books About architecture:

What is Architecture?” by Atianna Cordova 

If I Built A School” by Chris Van Dusen 

Boxitects” by Kim Smith 

Look At That Building” by Scot Ritchie 

Maybe I’ll Be An Architect” by Tenille Bettenhausen 

How it Works: Dogger” by Molly Littleboy 


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