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Youth Design Durham - Workshop #2

Building off of the previous workshops activities, we started Workshop 2 with a Program Diagram activity. We organized potential spaces of the Third Place according to Public v. Private and Interior v. Exterior. The students came up with creative ways of adapting spaces for multifunctionality. They also considered adjacencies and unique placement of activities, e.g. they placed the learning kitchen outdoors next to the community garden and proposed that young people could learn how to grow food and cook what they grow.

We took a walking field trip to BuildSense, a local design-build company. The principals of BuildSense engaged the students in a lively discussion about architecture and construction. The students also mastered a hands on activity dealing with shape and structure.

We then visited to Durham Central Park, where students captured photographs on their iPads, documenting the design of the park and activities happening there. We closed out the workshop back inside, where students sketched on the photographs via digital design tools and presented their ideas to the group.


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